Jimmy is the Youngest of the Montgomery Children. He was born in January 1 1838.

Jimmy is a ten year old Boy. His favorite thing to do is Drawing Snakes, but one time, he gets bit by one.

Jimmy is Voiced by Kyle Padilla

Cameo Appearances:

Reader Rabbit: Learn to Read with Phonics, Jimmy can be found in Mat's Bed during bed time in the end of Road to Reading

Reader Rabbit: I Can Read With Phonics, in Wordville Station, Jimmy can be found behind the Scarecrow saying Boo in the Match Patch and In the Alphabet Dance popping out from Behind the Screen dancing the Waltz with Matilda Mouse.

Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby: in the House Game, Jimmy can be found in a window on the lower left.

StarFlyers: Alien Space Chase: In the Bedtime segment, Jimmy's singing VO "Brahms Lullaby!" can be found singing to StarFlyers to help them sleep.

The Great Alphabet Race: Jimmy can be found doing a breakdance at the end of this DVD

Oregon Trail DVD series:

Jimmy can be singing these songs in the Oregon trail DVD series

Lost of them.

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