Parker Montgomery is the eldest of the Montgomery Children. He was born on March 30 1833. He celebrated his 15th Birthday on Steamboat on the Way to Independence. His favorite thing to do is to Save Wagons from Crashing down the Hill in an Oregon Trail episode "Parker Saves the Wagon!" a fifth short episode from the Entire Animated Series "The Oregon Trail!" from the Late 1990's. (as seen on Disney)

Parker is voiced by Andrew Patterson

He soon will make cameo appearances in StarFlyers: Royal Jewel Rescue, Reader Rabbit: Playtime for Baby, and Wordville Soup.

Cameo appearances:

StarFlyers: Royal Jewel Rescue (2002): Parker can be found in a Photo in the StarFlyers' Bedroom at the end.

Wordville Soup (2002): Parker can be found running by Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit Playtime for baby (1999): Parker can be found in the upper window in the Hidden Friends home game with his brother (lower left window) and sister (Front Door)

The Oregon Trial 5th Edition:

He can only be found in the Oregon Trail Movies and Campfire Tales.

The Oregon Trail DVD series:

Parker can be only singing his favorite songs:

  1. My Favorite Things (Sound of Music) (with his friend, Jenny Smith)
  2. Where is Wendy (with Grandma Montgomery)
  3. We're All in this Together (with his new friends)
  4. Jenny's Lullaby (with his sister and bother)
  5. Happy Birthday To You (with his Pa, Brother and Sister)
  6. Aunt Rhodie (with his brother and Sister)
  7. Lullaby for Jimmy (to his brother Jimmy)
  8. Oh Lizzie (with Lizzie Freedman)
  9. Loco Motion (with his brother and Sister)
  10. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (solo)
  11. If You're Happy and You Know It (with his friends Jenny Smith and Jon, sister and Brother)
  12. Sleep My Darling (solo)
  13. Ice Cream (with his Sister)
  14. I'm Tired and I'm Sad (Solo)

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